Category Peugeot 3008 bluehdi 120 eat6 s&s allure – bestrentprice

Peugeot 3008 bluehdi 120 eat6 s&s allure – bestrentprice

Jump to navigation. In the case of the Peugeotthe wisdom of buying used or, more specifically, nearly new, is clear. For example, the on-road price of a new 1. So not bad. But that pales into insignificance beside the saving you can make buying nearly new. For Peugeot and its dealers, it was the best thing since the GTi. Its handsome looks have blazed a trail for all new Peugeots since and it has spawned a seven-seat version called the Still, everything has a sell-by date.

Not that the is on the ropes. No prizes for guessing that diesel engines — our favourites are the reasonably punchy but impressively economical expect around 53mpg 1. The sweet-natured but still reasonably urgent 1. Which to choose? There are larger petrol and diesel engines, of course, some with automatic gearboxes although the 1.

So, handsome, well equipped, good to drive and ever cheaper: a Peugeot makes a great used buy. For optimum traction on slippery surfaces, go for Allure trim or up and the optional Advanced Grip Control offering four traction modes — Normal, Sand, Mud and Snow — plus hill descent control. It really eats into head room, making the rear cabin even more cramped.

One option worth looking out for is the Focal loudspeaker system, available from Allure trim upwards but standard on GT versions. Diesel Peugeot s rank fourth in the What Car? Peugeot 1. Allure trim is good value: a reg 1. Peugeot adds bhp plug-in hybrid option to line-up. Peugeot to make Le Mans return with new hypercar. Peugeot SW long-term review.

Login Register.Jump to navigation. It's true that Peugeot's previous was something of a 'crossover', but it always leant more heavily towards being a five-seat MPV than an outright SUV. However, the tides have changed, with buyers now wanting the reassurance of more ground clearance, chunky styling and better all-weather capability, without compromising on space and practicality.

But while the now has the increased ground clearance, large arches and wheels that scream SUV, it is, in fact, lower to the ground than before by around 20mm. Still, it is some 80mm longer, allowing for a longer wheelbase and more rear leg room, while despite losing some height, this new has also been packaged to offer more head room.

On average, it's kg lighter than before, too. The majority of buyers will buy diesel, of which there are four choices: a 1. For starters, it has more than adequate shove for building up motorway speeds quickly and tackling hilly terrain with a family and their luggage aboard, even if its best work is done in the upper reaches of its rev range. Crucially, no matter how hard you push it, it's always smooth, with little boom in the cabin. It needn't be that way, because staying out of Sport mode leaves the steering feeling more naturally weighted, with a pleasing evenness.

There's an argument for the rack being a little too quick, but given that the 's body is nicely laterally controlled, it's not a huge issue. But while laterally there's little give, the is fundamentally a softer-sprung small SUV than its rivals. Road scars, ruts and potholes are all dealt with well, even if mid-corner bumps are more of a problem for the 's chassis. Like its rivals, push hard and eventually the front wheels give up grip, but there's more than enough for brisk country blasts and no unwanted rear axle movement off the throttle.

peugeot 3008 bluehdi 120 eat6 s&s allure – bestrentprice

No gets all-wheel drive, but Grip Control advanced traction control with mud and snow tyres and a hill descent function is an option instead. This is a marked improvement from Peugeot in the ride and handling department, then, and also a real step forward inside. It's clear that perceived quality and a premium feel were the target here, and the 's new 'i-Cockpit' cabin is good news.

For starters, an Audi-style Interestingly, Peugeot has introduced a BMW-style gear selector on auto models, too, and it looks and feels substantial enough to be convincing.

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Equipment such as the aforementioned screens, Bluetooth, USB connection, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, climate control, rear parking sensors, lane departure and automatic emergency braking on all s is aggressively good for the class, too. The boot itself has great access, with no load lip and a usefully square shape, and is larger than those of rivals. Initial impressions from our drive in Italy reveal a dynamically well-rounded small SUV in the - as long as the Sport button is left well alone - while this petrol version's performance and refinement are more than a match for its peers' equivalents.

Quality, standard equipment, space and practicality are also all good enough for the to be mixing with the best small SUVs. Keep things more sensible with a 1.

Ruperts Trooper. Login Register. Newsletter sign up. Mobile navigation. Tabs Menu. You are logged out. Share review. Peugeot's moves from MPV to SUV in response to sales patterns, and our first experience reveals it should enjoy a substantial chunk of said interest.

Open gallery. Follow RoryWhite What is it? What's it like? Then a model. Driven this week. Peugeot SW Hybrid.Over Browse Car Specifications Sport Pack - 1. Premium - 2. Sport Pack - Hybrid4 2. Peugeot 1. Show more Images Compare with another car. With a fuel consumption of 4.

peugeot 3008 bluehdi 120 eat6 s&s allure – bestrentprice

This engine produces a maximum power of PS bhp - 88 kW at rpm and a maximum torque of Nm lb. The power is transmitted to the road by the front wheel drive FWD with a 6 speed Automatic gearbox. About chassis details responsible for road holding, handling behaviour and ride confort, the has McPherson struts.

Coil springs. Torsion bar. For stopping power, the 1. The model is a car manufactured by Peugeot, with 5 doors and 5 seats, sold new from year Towing Capacity Weight : 0 Kg or 0 lbs Num. Rear Suspension : Coil springs.

Nearly-new buying guide: Peugeot 3008

How much horsepower does a Peugeot 1. The Peugeot 1. How much does a Peugeot 1. What is the top speed of a Peugeot 1. Is Peugeot 1. No, the Peugeot 1. People who like this car also liked Peugeot II 1.

Peugeot II 1. Mini Countryman F60 Cooper D Popular comparisons with this car -Peugeot Premium Pack 1. If you found an error in these specifications. Latest Specs.The Peugeot range debuts the new generation automatic gearboxes EAT6 Efficent Automatic Transmission 6which it is now available in a single variant associated with gasoline market, 1.

This is the third generation of gearboxes of PSA group, heiress of that AT6 Piloted and the jump is notable in this new. First, because we talk about a torque converter automatic changewith 6 speedin which certain aspects have looked to improve efficiency and dynamism. Presume Lion brand efficiency with gearbox EAT6, not surprisingly, it is an automatic transmission that, for the manual version, only transmits 1 grams of CO2 per kilometers. But that's another story and will be in the 1.

The is something else.

Peugeot 3008 Allure used cars for sale

Keep reading. I must say that the PureTech marriage between 1. Both so that in Peugeot betting on a sales forecast in versions with automatic transmission, in all ranges, the 20 percent -being the current figure of 10 per cent. PureTech automatic variant develops wellboth urban areawhere premium comfort inherent automatic, especially with heavy trafficas road, mainly in acceleration additionsone of the outstanding traditionally -double the automatic clutch, DSG and PDK separate subjects.

Speaking emissions in the 1. With respect to consumptioncombined cycle, encrypts the finish in Style 5. When we compared to consumption of 6-speed manual transmission, it only increases by 0. These figures make the Peugeot in its gasoline hp version in one of the most efficient in its categoryNot surprisingly, all Euro comply with the rules 6.

While there are already automatic changes between 7 and 9 speedthe EAT6 is 'happy' with six relations. It does so because in terms of efficiency do not need moreat least that we comment from Peugeot.

Great blame for this lies with the PureTech gasoline engines, whose three-cylinder architecture and improved combustion and reduced friction, they become one of the most efficient in the market. The Peugeot 1.Some days ago, Autopista. Now, the signing of the PSA Group has announced prices and the details the range of which will be marketed in our country and whose first deliveries to customers will be made from June. With 4. As evidence of this is the volume of space available trunk with five seats usedliterswhich demonstrates its high load capacity.

The second row seats are independent reclining longitudinally displaceable, while the two seats of the third row are retractable and removable. The trim levels available at are Active, Allure 2, euros more expensive than the previous oneGT-Line The difference is 2, euros and GT 4, euros. At the end of the article, you will see specified prices of Mechanical range Peugeot SUV the form of two petrol engines - 1.

The type of gearbox can be 5-speed manual only diesel engine 1. Like his "younger brother", Thethis impressive will not have all-wheel drive. For those drivers who want to get away from the asphalt and explore more difficult and complicated terrain, they can choose the new developments intelligent control system Grip Advanced Traction Control. Contents 1 its range of engines 2 prices for Spain 3 You may also like:.Learn more. Jonathan Crouch drives it. This second generation version of Peugeot's SUV has much to offer buyers in search of a proper family-sized five-seat Qashqai-class Crossover model.

Much smarter looks clothe familiar attributes like the huge versatile boot and a quality cabin. You have to really want a car of this kind to really appreciate it but if you do, then you'll probably like this one a lot. These days, mainstream makers simply have to have a class-competitive portfolio of Crossover models on their books - and Peugeot is no different. The first model the company offered in this segment was the Qashqai-sizedwhich turned out to be an unexpected sales success for the Gallic maker.

In recent times though, this design found itself overtaken by more modern rivals, not only the rejuvenated second generation Nissan Qashqai but also cars like Renault's Kadjar and SEAT's Ateca. Hence the need for this second generationa car lighter, sleeker, larger and more sophisticated than its predecessor.

Though the engines used are carried over from the previous model, almost everything else is new, including the distinctive 'i-Cockpit' dashboard design and the sophisticated infotainment and connectivity systems on offer. As ever, the is built around a front wheel drive platform. The engine line-up is carried over from other models in the brand's range. That means the majority of customers will continue to choose the 1.

There's also a 2. If your annual mileage isn't very great though, don't dismiss the petrol offerings. These are primarily based around Peugeot's innovative bhp three cylinder 1.

At the top of the range, there's also a 1. As already suggested, there's no 4WD option in the mainstream part of the line-up, but this MK2 does get a more driver-orientated feel, thanks to the installation of Peugeot's i-Cockpit compact steering wheel that allows for wrist-flick direction changes. This second generation is a much sleeker-looking thing than its predecessor. At just mm in length, it's one of the more compact models in its segment, yet offers greater passenger and luggage space over the previous model.

With a longer wheelbase and an overall length which is just 80mm longer than the MK1 design, interior space has greatly improved, most notably for rear occupants who now have an additional 24mm legroom, 4mm elbow room and 36mm headroom.

Front elbow space has also increased by 17mm, despite the width of the new model being identical to the outgoing version at mm, and height being 19mm lower at mm. Inside, Peugeot has adopted its i-Cockpit design to suit this model, this set-up now also incorporating an 'Amplify' option that means you can quickly change things like ambient lighting and music settings - and even add in cabin fragrances and massaging seat intensity.

Luggage space has also improved in this MK2the litre luggage capacity being litres greater than the previous version. Fold the second row of seats flat and this results in a total luggage capacity of litres, one of the largest and most versatile load capacities in the segment.Enter a technological world and enjoy an amplified driving experience.

New Peugeot 3008 GT Line 2019 Drive Test Review

You can chat to them through audio or type. If our presenters are engaged or offline, you can schedule a slot that suits you. Discover the SUV plug-in hybrid. Be one of the first to drive by ordering yours online now. Discover its flowing and dynamic lines, emphasised by an elegant chrome wing insert. This roof lets light into the entire passenger compartment and provides a real sense of space.

At the rear, the 3D-effect claw lights are immediately captivating. The capacitive 8-inch touchscreen, the configurable Standard from GT Line onwards.

Standard on GT versions. The 4-wheel drive improves traction on difficult roads rain, snow, ice, mud. The vehicle moves by activating the combustion engine and the two electric engines on the front and back of the vehicle, respectively, for a combined power of ch. The GT Hybrid4 will be joined by a kW hp front-wheel drive model. This automatic gearbox offers high-level driving pleasure. It features Quickshift technology for quicker gear changes and excellent fluidity, and is a joy to use. It also boasts new one-touch electric controls, steering wheel shift paddles manual mode and a Sport mode for even greater responsiveness and dynamism.

This system makes a full contribution to driving pleasure and comfort.

peugeot 3008 bluehdi 120 eat6 s&s allure – bestrentprice

PEUGEOT is equipped with a number of driving and manoeuvring aids to enhance your safety and help you better understand and anticipate your surroundings.

Distance Alert warns the driver when the car risks colliding with the vehicle in front or a pedestrian in the road. Automatic Emergency Braking System detects moving or fixed obstacles. Without the driver having to do anything, it helps to avoid or reduce the severity of a collision by reducing the car's speed.

Active Lane Keeping Assistance is a system that detects solid or broken lanes using a camerawhen a longitudinal lane marking on the ground is accidentally crossed. This maximises the time spent driving with high beams on, for greater safety. This system detects and reads speed limit and end of speed limit signs, and displays them in the instrument panel.

The system also takes account of the speed limit information from the navigation system mapping. The system also features speed limit recommendation: the driver has the option to adapt their speed to the speed limit read by the camera via the car's cruise control. The system detects a vehicle driving in front in the same direction and can automatically adapt the vehicle's speed to that of the vehicle in front.

This occurs using engine braking and the braking system in which case the brake lights are lit to maintain a constant distance. This intelligent function is available at speeds of 18mph upwards. It allows you to adapt your grip to the most difficult conditions: snow, mud or sand.

Do you have your hands full? Option on all versions excluding GT Line Premium. Click here to find out more. This estimate is provided as a guide only and may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.